If you love this design but would prefer it on something other than a standard t-shirt it can be ordered through the CUSTOM APPAREL section on the website.

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First DAD Now {name}

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Want To Change Your Shirt?

If you'd like something other than the base model select it here. The closest colour will be chosen for you based on your selection.

Need A Larger Size?

This item is a stock design and has a 1 week turn around (assuming the apparel we have in stock or can get from one of the local warehouses).  The will apply to almost all orders.

  • Adult Apparel: 10.5” wide x 12” long
  • Youth Apparel: 9" wide x 11" long
  • Toddler Apparel: 7" wide x 9" long
  • Infant Apparel: 5" wide x 7" long
  • Left Chest Prints: 3-4"  depending on apparel

These are our maximum sizes but could be adjusted slightly to compensate for available space to print on (for example hoodies because they have a pocket the max length may not be possible and will be adjusted accordingly).

Size Chest (inches) Body Length (inches)
S 18” 28”
M 20” 29”
L 22” 30”
XL 24” 31”
2XL 26” 32”
3XL 28” 33”
4XL 30” 34”
5XL 32” 35”

Size Chest (inches) Body Length (inches)
Ladies S 17.25” 25.5”
Ladies M 19.25” 26”
Ladies L 21.25” 27”
Ladies XL 23.25” 28”
Ladies 2XL 25.25” 28.5”
Ladies 3XL 27.25” 29”